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Prayer Request: D R Congo

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D R Congo (Jun 9, 2018)

Prayer Request:
=13.3333px[color=#000000]=13.3333pxHi,I req=10ptuested prayer for North Korea,for recent D R Congo's situation became too serious,w=13.3333pxould you pray for D R Congo? [/color] =13.3333px[color=#000000] [/color] =13.3333px[color=#000000]=10pt-Prayer request for D R Congo-[/color] =13.3333px[color=#000000] [/color] =13.3333px[color=#000000]Would you pray for D R Congo? [/color] =13.3333px[color=#000000]=13.3333pxSituated in Central Africa, past 25 years suffered devastating civil war's D R Congo need your prayer. [/color] =13.3333px[color=#000000]There are =13.3333px400 thousand rape victims.(A l=13.3333pxot of them are infected with HIV, h=13.3333pxalf of them 'fistula',which 90% of them cannot get any treatment) [/color] =13.3333px[color=#000000]=13.3333pxThrough 25 years war there remained 'no Humanity' on battlefield,g=13.3333pxenocide and torture for civilians became too cruel these days.[/color] =13.3333px[color=#000000]=13.3333pxWould you please pray for 450 thousand refugees,=13.3333px93% children don't have malaria protection,=13.3333px4 million orphans;,pregnant women(Maternal mortality rate way too high).And for most urgent prayer, I'd like to request prayer =13.3333pxf=13.3333pxor chi=13.3333pxldren =13.3333pxunder five years old=13.3333px HIV,=13.3333pxpneumonia=13.3333px,=13.3333pxdiarrhea=13.3333px,malnutrition,tuberculosis,malaria,low birth weight.=13.3333px(also=13.3333px 5 to 12 =13.3333pxyears) [/color] =13.3333px[color=#000000]=13.3333pxPray to =13.3333pxend this blood thirsty ci=13.3333pxvil war,and for =13.3333pxno more genocide happens.[/color] =13.3333px[color=#000000]=13.3333pxIf I can add some =13.3333pxmore information there are child soldiers using as human shields.30 thousand among them,there are 7,8 years old boys know nothing.=13.3333pxF=13.3333pxor girl child, they =13.3333pxcannot escape trampling for them.(E=13.3333pxven exist disables victims of trampling in D R Congo)[/color] =13.3333px[color=#000000]=13.3333pxFor praying for this country most thing =13.3333pxmind me was=13.3333px that there were=13.3333px girl child soldiers give up themselves in dark place because they have no power.[/color] =13.3333px[color=#000000]Short film for malaria in D R Congo: =13.3333px and you can find several news articles about D R Congo on the journal.[/color] =12px[color=#000000](And If I can add more information with D R Congo sharing border's Central African Republic has 'exactly' same prayer request, Would you pray for it also? (For war 'pattern' is similar,affairs inside 'battlefield' exactly the same.)(Pneumonia,HIV under 5 years old e.g.)[/color] =12px[color=#000000]=13.3333pxThank you for your mind and concern for=13.3333px suffering D R Congo and C.A.R. [/color] =13.3333px[color=#000000] [/color] =13.3333px[color=#000000]=13.3333pxAddress : 801,1603Dong,LH Samsong Apt.,Wonheung-dong,Deogyang-gu,Goyang-si,Gyeonggi-do,Korea Republic of [/color] =13.3333px[color=#000000]Phone : 827082584660 Email :[/color]

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