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Prayer Request: Sanctification

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Sanctification (Aug 31, 2016)

Prayer Request:
I'll admit when I first became a christian I had some rough edges, but 11 years later, I feel this sancification and God denying my prayers is wrong and is accomplishing nothing. All it is has become an excuse for demons to freely attack and harass me and curse my life. The bible has failed to provide me what answers I seek and desire and for the past 16 years, my life has been lived against my will which is evil in itself. I have tryed to bargain with God and I have tried to work with him to move past this evil season of abuse, torment and torture, they refuse. I can find peace but apparently its not through prayers, or asking for forgiveness, I am not going to finish my last years being stalked and preyed upon by demons and powers of darkness, I have for 16 years and if thats Gods will and plan then I need to find a new God in Jesus name I pray amen. I have given, I have suffered, and I have sacrificed and been obedient and if thats not enough then God maybe you need to go curse someone else.

   Discussion: Sanctification
Dustin J Kleffner · 3 years, 4 months ago
Hi Stephen, my name is Dustin , I heard your sorry , I also visit prayer pages as well, In concerning your story I was going to ask you if things have gotten better, I can recommend a few things in dealing with spiritual forces , number 1 would be to get involved with a church that you enjoy because its good to,have community and friends, this has helped me with my battles, when you have a good friend to come alongside you and pray for you can aovercome alot f adversity, the second thing I would say is listen to sermons and put in more than 1 prayerrequest every week, because sometimes people don't get to prayerrequests right away but I you put some more in that would be good, also third thing is have you tried to rebuke the enemy in prayer, do you think god may use these things to,draw you closer to him? I dont know forgive me I dont know that much about your situation but the most important thing through these things that I mentioned is you need to realize god loves you check aout numbers 6: 24_25 and john 3:16 and also that he (Jesus) desires that you come back TO HAVING JOY WITH HIM MY , my best advise is find some part f the bible that you like and start reading it , make sure you enjoy it and move en to the next part that you enjoy , if you don't enjoy a part find 1 that you do enjoy. After you enjoy yourself in him you will find joy and also strength , psalm 37:4 delight yourself in the lord and he will give you the desires f your heart ,  my email is if you ever get his message and want to talk, I don't have a perfect life I have struggled alot as well, and have made it th rough drug addiction and alcohol addiction with the lords help . thanks for listening 

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